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 LazyZim Owns DD Forum

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PostSubject: LazyZim Owns DD Forum   Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:52 am

Hello everyone.

I'm not sure how prevalent this thought is, but I would like to settle the matter once and for all to avoid confusion.

"Who owns the Dragon's Den forum?"

Answer: LazyZim does.

"Obey, why are you still the main admin on there then?"

Okay, let me explain a few things.

I was originally going to delete my account but I quickly discovered that the main admin account of any Proboards forum can't be deleted. To do so, the entire forum must be deleted.

I did not want to do that, I only wanted to leave - so I stripped the account of some personal things that I could and let it sit there.

LazyZim wished for me to transfer the main admin account powers to him so that people would know he owned the forum for sure (and since I'm no longer there it isn't like I need them).

I said "No" as I didn't like the information provided in the Proboards Support post about transferring main admin accounts, but that I would look into it further. After someone else gave me their opinion that I should just transfer I decided to explain. A short while later I figured it would be best to put the matter to rest here so that the IT community knows and I won't get poked about it again for reasons.

I did indeed look into it further and I didn't like what I found. The 'transfer' of a main admin account is not just a 'here's the main admin powers, goodbye' sort of thing.

It literally transfers the account 'admin' (user-1) to the other person.

Now, my account on DD happens to be my Global Proboards account. This means that account is linked to at least 6 or so other Proboards forums.

I have no wish to hand over any accounts to anyone because they are mine and contain personal information.

So my account will remain the main admin account of DD forum BUT LAZYZIM OWNS THE FORUM. My account is sitting there gathering dust - that is ALL.

If anyone asks about this feel free to link them to this post.

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LazyZim Owns DD Forum
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