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 the lazy man's uv map tutorial

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PostSubject: the lazy man's uv map tutorial   Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:44 pm

(i couldnt seem to find one of these so im making one)

i was messing aroung with blender's uv options and accidentally found a way to make a basic and easy to follow map

-it takes like, 0 effort
-the uv map is easy to follow in placement terms

-only works for symmetrical models as far as i know
-markings cant be placed on the very middle/if they are, theyre stretched and ugly
-the inside of ears/other markings of the like will be on the outer side too

first you gotta open blender, make/open your model, go to edit mode (tab key)

!!make sure to press either 3 or 3+control! pressing 3 will give you left facing sideview and 3+ctrl will give you right facing, whichever you prefer

select everything with a, and then press u

click project from view


export the uv map (uvs>export uv layout) and go crazy with whatever you use to draw

open up the texture in the uv window

change the viewport to textured... and

congrats you darn did the thing !
now all thats left is either tweaking or exporting

(i will note that my blender skills arent very good yet so sorry for the weird lookin model)
admittedly this method works a lot better for basic critters and not detailed bosses or npcs

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the lazy man's uv map tutorial
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