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 Wuzzy the Woolly Worm

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PostSubject: Wuzzy the Woolly Worm   Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:01 pm

Yesterday afternoon, we found a woolly worm! It was supposed to be in metamorphosis already, but we found it under some leafs. After a bit of talking, seeing he was cold and barely alive, we decided to put him in a small plastic bug container with a few leafs and keep him for a bit. We nicknamed him Wuzzy a bit later. He didn't move unless one of us tried to pet him or pick him up, which then he would curl up. This afternoon, we noticed he wasn't even doing that, but was still hanging on a bit to my finger. We thought we should put him outside today and so we put Wuzzy in a pile of leaves outside. The weather has been messed up lately, so I'm hoping Wuzzy will be safe and start his metamorphosis.

Thanks for reading a short story about Wuzzy. I'm thinking on putting woolly worms or Wuzzy in PQ somehow.
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Wuzzy the Woolly Worm
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