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 Objects in Map Appearing White

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Game username : Swift
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PostSubject: Objects in Map Appearing White   Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:52 am

So I was following the Instructions in Witacha's Map tutorial.

I was testing an object I downloaded from one of Slycan's threads.

I opened the .world file
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and I went into the game and the mesh appeared but it was white.
I tried it with one of the default objects and it did the same thing.
I put all the object files that I downloaded into the trees folder, is there something I am doing wrong?

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Game username : Arkhon
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PostSubject: Re: Objects in Map Appearing White   Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:37 am

Let's see...

Put the mesh in the models folder and the .material file in the materials -- scripts folder alternatively, with the texture in the materials -- textures folder.

Try looking for the cow_meat1 material specified in the mesh file, find the .material file and see if the texture displayed matches the .jpg\jpeg or .png texture.

If that doesn't work, I apologize in advance.  I just got re-involved with the IT community and I'm still trying to work my way around the coding.

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Game username : ShadoWolfozo
Server : GROWL: Spirits
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PostSubject: Re: Objects in Map Appearing White   Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:19 am

Adding on to Arkhon's post, to open the cow_meat1.mesh file you need OGRECommandLineTools (a download of which can be found on the forum just do a little search) and;

Drag + Drop your cow_meat1.mesh file ONTO the Converter.exe from within OGRECommandLineTools (OCLT).

A block command box will pop up, do some things then close and you'll see another file has been created in the same folder your cow_meat1.mesh is in. It'll be called cow_meat1.mesh.xml.

Just open the new file (cow_meat1.mesh.xml) in notepad and at the top of the file will be something like;

        <submesh material="cow_meat1Mat" usesharedvertices="false" use32bitindexes="false" operationtype="triangle_list">

Where it says 'material' and then cow_meat1Mat you want to make sure that it says cow_meat1Mat in your Material file (in Scripts) as well.

If it doesn't, change it in your material file to whatever comes up in your .xml file.

Make sure the .material file uses the correct texture (e.g. cow_meat1Tex.png)


Change it in your .xml file AND your .material file, then convert the xml file back (drag and drop the cow_meat1.mesh.xml file onto converter.exe to re-create a new .mesh) and move the new .mesh to your models folder.
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Texture Artist
Texture Artist

Game username : Cloud, Daydream
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PostSubject: Re: Objects in Map Appearing White   Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:48 pm

I've noticed that first adding a mesh to the game makes it white. My solution is either restarting or quitting and rejoining, I can't quite remember. Hope this helps!
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PostSubject: Re: Objects in Map Appearing White   

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Objects in Map Appearing White
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