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 Guide/ How to update your existing code to 6.0 version

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PostSubject: Guide/ How to update your existing code to 6.0 version   Thu Jun 11, 2015 7:35 pm

First download KDiff3


You will have to download again the original version you have.
For 5.5:


(If you have a different version ask redeye.)

Then download 6.0:


(You will need a bit of knowing on how to edit the source and such, I will not explain everything.)

kdiff3 adds a submenu to the context menu when you right click a folder. kdiff3 => Save for later
So go to the original version and find the src folder and right click => save for later

And then go to your own IT version's src folder and "Compare against"

Then something like this will open:

Click on Ok and navigate in your client folder and expand more until you get files,
double click a file one of those with differences (red/green)

Now you can start copying those differences over to 6.0

notice about 6.0:
If a difference is shown in MagixCampaignManager.h, then look in MagixCampaignManager.cpp

notice that 6.0 requires VS 2013 community edition

BTW: If you use 5.5 version you SHOULD really update to this new version, It has a working raknet and your connection problem/crash will be solved.

If you have any questions/issue feel free to ask.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide/ How to update your existing code to 6.0 version   Thu Jun 11, 2015 7:45 pm

https://github.com/jespersh/KITO/releases link for releases

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Guide/ How to update your existing code to 6.0 version
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