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 How to Place Objects into Your Map

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PostSubject: How to Place Objects into Your Map   Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:13 am

If you want to place items into your map, it's really rather simple.

When you open your game, go to the map you want to place the items in. Run to the point where you want the item located and type the command


You'll get a few numbers, so here's a little screenshot of mine:

So you see the numbers 50, 150.588 and 50 again.

So in my map I've been adding a lot of fir trees. We'll use this as an example as well.

You're going to open your .world file and start a new line of code.
What you'll type is:

50 150 50
.30 .30 .30
0 0 0

Pretty simple. I'll break this down for those who don't understand that quite well


This is the mesh file of the object you want to place there.

50 150 50

This is the position you want the object to go in. Notice how I didn't write the decimal point, but you really don't need it because it'll be in the same general area (it's not gonna be in BFE if you just take it away).

.30 .30 .30

This is how big you want to make the object. Usually people put 1 but because Distance you play as a domestic cat, 1 is huge compared to the playable height, so I keep it rather small and view able this way. Doesn't matter how big or small it is, whatever you want with it.

0 0 0

This usually you don't have to mess with so you'll be fine. I've not had to mess with it so you should keep it at 0.

I made this for people who are struggling even though it may seem really pointless, and I'm deeply sorry if there's already a tutorial on this. I thought I'd make one in case there isn't, just to be helpful ahah. I felt like I needed to do something.

If you have any questions go ahead and ask away!

**Also before I post if there's anyone who wants help with Collisions let me know, I can't really explain them but I do know how to make them.
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How to Place Objects into Your Map
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