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Making threads to link to banned members content grants an automatic ban
Meet the new KITO admins & hear their plans here.
You can use google search to find threads and posts here now. Example

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Emiyuu{Huh?!}2014-06-17Today at 10:50 am1 Send private message  http://reiyuan.tumblr.com/ 
ObeyTheFistSpecial brand of nutty, razor sharp and full of big words.2012-09-07Today at 12:34 pm1 Send private message  http://dragonsden.freeforums.net 
WitachaYou can call me by : Wit, Wita, Witty or Witch <:2012-06-15Today at 1:19 pm1 Send private message  http://witacha-asukata.deviantart.com/